Our History

The First United Methodist Church of Hempstead is one of the oldest Methodist churches in the state of Texas. The church was first known as the Methodist Episcopal Church South of Hempstead, Texas. Later it was called the First Methodist Church of Hempstead. In 1968 the church name was changed to the First United Methodist Church of Hempstead.

The cornerstone of the present church building shows that the Methodist Church in Hempstead began in 1857. The first pastor was Rev. Nathanial Allen, M.D. The church met in various buildings in the Hempstead area, one of which was moved to and placed on property purchased by the church.
The first building constructed as a church was built on land at the approximate location of 10th and Austin Streets in present day Hempstead. The church construction was completed in 1860. The first church had a steeple and stained glass commemorating the service of Dr. Allen. The steeple was blown off by the hurricane of 1900 which destroyed Galveston. The steeple was not replaced.

In 1907, the membership had grown so that the old building was sold and removed and a new church built on the location. The church building cost of $4500 was paid off in 1912.
The congregation continued to grow so that a new church was constructed in 1957 and serves as the present church today. Property across the street from the church was purchased and a brick home was built to serve as the parsonage. It still functions as the parsonage today. The final payment on the church properties was made in 1970.

In addition to Sunday worship services, the church building is heavily used today by a variety of church related and civic groups including: Senior Citizens Group, United Methodist Men and United Methodist Women, the Hempstead Ministerial Alliance, and a Boy Scout troop. Regularly scheduled activities include an annual Soup or Salad fund raising event and an annual Barbecue. Several bible study classes make use of the church facilities and the choir meets weekly for practice.

The membership is justifiably proud of the history and beauty of the church building and maintains it in superb condition. Its pleasant appearance and peaceful setting is inviting for anyone seeking a church home.